The Nishpatti Foundation works to support children, world peace, and awaken your potential


The Nishpatti Kids Campaign is dedicated to helping children around the globe live a stress free life. We are working to provide a quality education, proper nutrition and a nurturing environment for as many children as possible along with tools to combat stress.
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Path To Peace

The Path to Peace movie is a Nishpatti media production which is growing from it's humble beginning to a world wide movement. Nishpatti's path to peace is focused towards bringing enlightened solutions for peace to the masses. We report positive change & inspire viewers while initiating a global inter-religious dialogue to enhance peace and harmony among communities around the world.
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Inner Revolution

The Inner Revolution is a movement to come back to the center of all things, to come back to the Self. It is a movement to develop mindfulness and conscious action to find more happiness, compassion, growth and spiritual evolution in your life.
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Featured Fundraiser

Ganesh & Punam Campaign

A few months back, while hiking the foothills of the Himalayas, we came across an enormous smile on such a little boy. He goes by the name Ganesh. Along with his twin sister Punam, Ganesh is all of four years old working day and night begging for money from the passers by. Left behind by her husband, Ganesh and Punam's mother is a local farm woman in a small village in the mountains. She cannot afford to take care of them. We spent some time playing with the two energetic youths. With smiles like theirs, the entire world lights up before your eyes. Our goal is to go beyond the never-ending cycle of hopelessness created by poverty and help educate our youth, our future, one child at a time. Read More →